CSULB Bookstore Hours Of Operation And All Informations

As the third largest campus in California State University system, CSU Long Beach had an excellent bookstore. Here CSULB bookstore hours to guide your visit!


CSULB Bookstore Hours of Operation and All Informations


California State University in Long Beach is the third largest campus in the state of California by enrollment. The building located in Los Altos neighborhood of Long Beach, Southeastern coastal, Los Angeles County. It is less than one mile from the border of Orange County. Are you wondering about their bookstore? Here CSULB bookstore hours just in case you are not mistaken when visiting it.

Since California State University in Long Beach known as the fifth most diverse university in the West by World Report and U.S. News, by visiting their 49ers shop CSULB you can found many students and nonstudent in diversity body racial there. Besides, CSULB is one of America’s Best Value Colleges reviewed by Princeton. Seems like cannot wait to come here, right?

CSULB Bookstore Hours

The bookstore is also known as 49er (forty-niners) shop. There is much reason for this name use. First, forty-nine is their founded years. Second, the names as an honor for the seeker precisely a hundred years before. Beside it used for their bookstore name, their sports team also use this name as ‘’The 49ers”.

CSULB Bookstore Hours of Operation and All Informations

About visiting the bookstore, you can find at Forty-Niner Shops Inc. 6049 East 7th Street Long Beach, California State 90840. Also, not a mistake to you visits their website on www.fortyninershops.net a by making a phone to CSULB bookstore phone number 562.985.5093.

  1. CSULB Bookstore Hours Of Operation

Here information about CSULB hours operation:

  • Sunday: closed.
  • Monday – Friday: open at 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.
  • Saturday: open at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.
  • If you plane to visit on this summer, CSULB summer hours are only on Monday – Thursday at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  1. What is in CSULB Bookstore

  • New and Used Textbooks. Yes, here you are not only can buy a new textbook but also used textbooks in case you want a low price.
  • Alternate Formats. Here, you are not just offering in VHS printed format but also loose-leaf paper.
  • E-books or Digital Textbooks. Well, this is not that special because another bookstore seems like do the same thing. You can also find this option in another university bookstore such as CCRI Bookstore.
  • Online Price Comparison. Wow! You can compare all the prices. As a student, it helps save your money. When your textbook is selected, all available rates and formats will immediately be listed, including used, new, rental and digital.
  • Save the best for the last: you can take your order online for convenient delivery. You can check price comparisons on a computer near the textbook aisles in the store.

Based on what they offer to their visitors, The Forty-Niner shops CSULB bookstore seems like do an excellent job by committed to offers CSULB students with attractive options for all course materials. As an addition, you can save your money up to 80% by rent their textbook with a copyright off the shelf or search if the book is available. Can not wait to be there? Well, see you there!

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