UMSL Bookstore St Louis, Missouri Review And Information

By selling laptops, snacks, bedding and parking pass, mostly university bookstore replaced their book sales. How about UMSL Bookstore St Louis?


UMSL Bookstore St Louis, Missouri Review and Information


The University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) is located in St. Louis, Missouri, America. It is the newest public research university of totally four colleges in the University of Missouri System. Likely another , it has the bookstore, further named UMSL Bookstore St Louis.

Since established in 1963, UMSL located on the Bellerive Country Club, St. Louis County, Missouri, the U.S.A. UMSL campus had two libraries. First is Thomas Jefferson Library as central library and St. Louis Mercantile Library as the oldest library west of the Mississippi River.

Triton Store: UMSL Bookstore St Louis

UMSL is consist of two parts, a South Campus and a North Campus. You can visit it by St. Louis MetroLink light rail system. It has two stations on the campus: UMSL South and UMSL North. The Triton Store serves supplies, course materials, technology,  officially licensed UMSL and also Triton wear.

UMSL Bookstore St Louis, Missouri Review and Information

Triton Store accepts student charge checks, cash, credit cards and gift cards. Enrolled students can charge up to $1,250.00 on their UMSL student ID card for books and merchandise so they will appear on the monthly bill from the Cashier’s Office.

  1. What is in Triton Store

Like another university bookstore in the United States, Triton Store as UMSL bookstore not just offers book but also many need for a student like things below:

  • Here They offer a lot of manual for any grade.
  • Triton Tech provides you discounted hardware and software.
  • Reference material such as ebook printed journal until clipping you can get it in Triton.
  • For you that need general reading books like the novel or other, not lecture book, Triton also had it for you.
  • Triton clothing and gifts is one of the typical items that they sell there
  • Triton logo items provided in a lot of number and variation.
  1. Visit Triton Store

If you are a new student, please bring your Triton Card to get assistance in choosing your books. The cards also use to submit a reservation. You may even buy your books online at or by call 314-516-5763.

  • UMSL Bookstore St Louis location is in Millennium Student Center, 1 University Boulevard 209, St. Louis, USA.
  • UMSL Bookstore St Louis operation hour is at 7:30 am – 5 pm.
  1. Pros and Cons of Triston bookstore than other Bookstore St Louis

  • Pros: UPS shipping services are available, as well as fax services and free notary service. All profits from the Triton Store support operating expenses of the Millennium Student Center.
  • Cons: Triton does not allow the return of some product such as Apple. Some customers considered that policy as a form of misled customers of their money.

Although it had a massive library with the extensive collection, the student still need their book, so they build UMSL Bookstore. Some of its pros just like LBCC bookstore such as holding special events like Book Signings, the Annual Fashion Show, Book Buy Back at the end of each semester, Student Appreciation, etc. It is good to develop UMSL Bookstore St Louis into next level but makes the student not doing book there quite weird because it’s a bookstore.

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