WUSTL Bookstore Cap And Gown Review And Information

Is your bookstore campus only sells textbook and stuff? Meet WUSTL Bookstore that not just sell books and stuff but also things beyond your imagination!


WUSTL Bookstore Cap And Gown Review and Information

Washington University – St. Louis also known as WUSTL is a private research university in the Saint Louis metropolitan area Missouri, USA. Here, you can find unique items that not all college bookstore sell! Let’s meet The WUSTL Bookstore.

WUSTL Bookstore consists of three stores. First is The Danforth Campus bookstore that located on the ground floor of Mallinckrodt Center. Secondly, The Washington University Medical bookstore that situated on the Mid Campus Center (MCC) first floor, Children’s Place, Medical Center, St. Louis. Third, Bear Necessities that operated by Women’s Society as not- profit gift store.

WUSTL Bookstore Cap And Gown

First of all that we will discuss here is about one of the item that they sell in the bookstore. Related to The Graduation day, Washington University – St. Louis require students to attired in the appropriate academic apparel if they are Commencement participants. What unique is, cap and gown as a significant apparel can rent in University bookstore. Yes, student, there can rent this cap and gown without taking anyway to the college.

WUSTL Bookstore Cap And Gown Review and Information

Washington University in St Louis apparel for the excellent graduation day is green with black velvet trim. The university’s shield on arms. For graduate students and faculty, black velvet replaces the traditional mortarboard. Here review about what they sell inside there include hour operation primarily related to the Commencement!

  1. Danforth and Medical Campus Store Hour Operation

Here, you can order it on February 20 – 23. Here the hour operation :

  • Monday – Thursday: 8 am– 7 pm.
  • Friday: 8 am – 6 pm.
  • Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm.
  • Surprisingly, they (also) open on Sunday at 12 am – 5 pm.
  1. Cap and Gown Rent Condition

Here some of the condition you should know for rent :

  • Washington University in St Louis apparel order cancellations must be received by May 15.
  • You can pick your order and pick up on May 15-19, 2017 by showing your university photo ID to pick up your order.
  • Returns can be done on May 19-21, 2017. You do not allow turning back on Sunday, May 21. You can return it to Medical Campus Bookstore, or you also can follow the Doctor of Medicine Ceremony.
  1. Things They Sell Inside

WU bookstore provides a wide range of Washington University gifts, souvenirs, and apparel. Cap and gown: that is not all. Here, you can amaze by credit they sell inside:

  • Sarah Chloe Jewelry. Have you ever imagine walking into a college bookstore and found this Sarah Chloe Jewelry? So here the place.
  • Official university ring. Not just as merchandise, it is also used for special university occasion.
  • Graduation announcement card, book year and graduation portrait. Yes, all of them you can find here.

Jewelry, university ring, graduation announcement card, book year and graduation portrait: are you kidding me? Can we find any university campus with all these commodities? We mean, campus library like CSUEB Library, even cannot replace this bookstore function. Proud of you, WUSTL Bookstore!

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